The mykensho Training lets a child identify his unique place in the world

The mykensho solution allows for a more introspective career exploration, and planning. It is inclusive, engages multiple stakeholders including students, parents, teachers and the school. For an involved process towards desiring clarity in the child’s future, there are driving agents - the teachers and career counsellors that need to be given guidance in assisting the decision makers in the right way.

The mykensho Training module has a solid backing of years of research on the best practices of education, teacher’s training and development, based on a strong foundation of career and future based counselling methodology.

Teacher Training


Suite of Teacher Professional Development Modules


Create your own 1/2 day workshop based on your needs


Focus on enhancing Teacher competency


Teacher Certification provided by ICEDC


Highly Flexible - Each module only 2 hours


Workshop content based on International Best Practices


Highly Interactive and practical sessions
How this empowers the student

To a vast database of accurately curated information on opportunities all over the world, in every field of study imaginable


To the best set of assessments that is REALLY worth the time, energy and money invested

Credible Product

All educational solutions from mykensho are ICEDC certified and being followed in 30+ schools India-wide


mykensho products are backed by close to 30+ years of research, curation and constant updates

Affordable and Available

The products are relatable to students from all educational backgrounds

Global View

Although created to suit the Indian educational curriculum, the values and vision is to create global citizens with special skills to handle life

Helping schools to add value, build capacity and achieve global benchmarks

Modules designed to enhance positive pedagogy and include face to face interactive exercises, practical examples, and real-time coaching in a fun yet focused environment


Ensure that every student of yours has access to quality teachers.
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